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The Solmar Foundation has played a major role at Solmar Resorts, for a number of years now. Grand Solmar Vacation Club members have the option to include an optional donation upon their checkout or make a special donation online, or in person at the Foundation’s office. But one of the most popular ways Grand Solmar members have been giving back is through the Helping Hand Tour and the Bring a Thing Drive. These are two very cool ways, members can learn more about the community, and truly see their donations in action by getting involved with the foundation to improve the lives of those in the Los Cabos community.

Helping Hand’s Tour – A completely complimentary tour can be reserved with the concierge in your lobby at any Grand Solmar Vacation Club resort.

The tour starts in the lobby, where a private shuttle will take volunteers to the various centers, which Solmar has built, and/or operates in Cabo. These centers include a kitchen where meals are prepared for children and women in the poorest Colonia’s (neighborhoods), the elderly rest home, and the dental and health clinics throughout the neighborhoods. Local and US/Canadian healthcare providers have generously donated their time to perform dental clinics, heart clinics, auditory and vision clinics to those in need. At these clinics, volunteers can help translate and work with the teams, or help serve meals at the kitchens and really get involved with the community and those most in need.

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Bring a Thing Drive – Another great way to get involved is to help bring a thing for those in need.

Thousands of members each year come back to Grand Solmar with an extra suitcase; they leave the suitcase with the Foundation and the contents of course within. Or, they head out to the colonias with the foundation to distribute the products or supplies they brought down! This is a truly incredible way to get in touch with a first hand experience and help change and improve the quality of life for many in Los Cabos. So what can you bring?

The most popular items and those needed are:

  • Baby diapers, formulas, bottle and baby wipes.
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Washed baby or children clothes
  • Baby or children’s shoes
  • Gently used toys
  • School supplies such as notebooks, pencils and crayons

If you wish to buy things in Los Cabos and then donate them, you can purchase Dispensas, which are a box of basic food components like rice, beans, cooking oil, canned tuna and more or about $5 each and take them to the neighborhoods. Or children’s toys are always popular and put a smile on kid’s faces.

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Getting involved is a great way to enjoy a vacation and give back to a community that gives residents and visitors so much! Check it out on your next visit to Grand Solmar Vacation Club!

For more information please visit Solmar Foundation site.

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